Christian Lacroix Haute Couture
Christian Lacroix Haute Couture Fall 2008/2009

Everybody is speculating who will replace John Galliano, the anti-semetic pirate, at Christian Dior. It would be great to see Christian Lacroix step in there. Galliano was from the romantic school of designers that came out of the U.K. and there are very few of them left—the only one that really comes to mind is Vivienne Westwood and I can’t imagine she would be able to fill the shoes at Dior and her own house. However, Lacroix has the same flair for drama that Galliano did when it comes to couture and has experience translating that to ready to wear (although, his ready to wear was never financially successful I think).

The difficult thing with replacing Galliano is the couture background of the house. When Valentino left his eponymous label, the mood of the couture show completely changed. It definitely marked a turn for the future at Valentino but Dior is so known for absurdity at couture. Also, with the restrictions on couture design from the French government, Lacroix is one of the only ones around with the experience to handle it.

photo via VOGUE UK.

Oh my goodness this would be an actual dream come true. And I’m sure they won’t appoint anyone else who isn’t as skilled and experienced as someone like Lacroix. But can you IMAGINE?!